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Why +1Copybook is worth millions!

I was in a database group supporting the large Kentucky Medicaid contract. The Oracle DBAs were tasked to convert the COBOL copybooks into CREATE TABLE scripts and then load the data. Simple enough.

But when the DBAs said, "We're done", the programmers would then test their programs against the loaded data. The programmers would come back and say, "The data isn't right."

The DBAs would work the issues again and hand over the data to the programmers, who would again reject the data.

This back and forth continued, meeting after meeting. It was like watching a tennis or ping pong match.

Seeing this, I searched for a public domain program to automate the task of converting COBOL copybooks. Amazingly there wasn't any program in the public domain or commerically available.

This is the reason why +1Copybook came into existence: to automate and optimize the tables created and to convert the EBCDIC data into ASCII data.

As to why +1Copybook is worth millions? Well, the data loaded was never correct and the multi-million dollar Medicaid contract was cancelled for this issue and few other reasons!
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