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   CREATE TABLE Script For HOMES Table
   Created on: 23-MAY-2020 3:50 PM
   Created by: +1DataElements (C)

HOMES_KEY                          	NUMBER(13),
HOMES_GRPCD                        	NUMBER(2),
HOME_A_NUMBER                      	NUMBER(2),
HOME_B_KEY                         	NUMBER(2),
HOME_A_CHANGE_FLAG                 	VARCHAR2(1),
HOME_A_SITE_FLAG                   	VARCHAR2(1),
HOME_A_SITE_VALUE                  	NUMBER(9),
HOME_A_CURR_VALUE                  	NUMBER(9),
HOME_A_XFEA_VALUE                  	NUMBER(9),
HOME_A_TOTAL_SQFTG                 	NUMBER(9),
HOME_A_BEDROOMS                    	NUMBER(7),
HOME_A_BATHS                       	NUMBER(5),
HOME_A_HALF_BATHS                  	NUMBER(5),
HOME_A_UNITS                       	NUMBER(5),
HOME_A_FLOORS                      	NUMBER(2),
HOME_B_CHANGE_FLAG                 	VARCHAR2(1),
HOME_B_CODE                        	VARCHAR2(1),
HOME_B_ADD_SQFTG_FLAG              	VARCHAR2(1),
HOME_B_VALUE                       	NUMBER(9),
HOME_B_ITEMS                       	NUMBER(5,2),
HOME_B_SPECIAL                     	NUMBER(7,3),
HOME_B_TOTAL_SQFTG                 	NUMBER(9),
HOME_B_PTS_GRADE                   	NUMBER(3),
HOME_B_GRADE                       	NUMBER(3),
HOME_B_ADDITION                    	VARCHAR2(10),
HOMES_X_DISTRICT                   	NUMBER(2),
HOME_B_NC_FLAG                     	VARCHAR2(1),
HOME_B_NC_NEW                      	NUMBER(9),
HOME_B_NC_ADD                      	NUMBER(9),
HOME_B_NC_DEMO                     	NUMBER(9),
HOME_B_REAPPRAISAL                 	NUMBER(9)

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Output Generated By +1DataElements From +1 Software Engineering LLC.
Created on: 23-MAY-2020 03:50 PM