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+1 Software Engineering LLC is pleased to welcome our newest client in 2013:

Clients of +1 Software Engineering LLC include:
Adjoined Consulting, AFP Habitat S.A. (Chile), Bank of the West, Britannia Building Society (England),
Kanbay International, Rosenfeld & Maidenbaum LLP, Syntel Limited, Tangible Value LLC, Wells Fargo Bank, and others.

Wells Fargo

And check out what +1 Software Engineering has been engineering: a way to allow real estate agents to make videos of properties using their iPhone, Android, or tablets, uploading their video to OpenHouseOn.com, and providing a video tour of real estate properties for sale on an MLS. Visit OpenHouseOn.com today.

+1 Software Engineering LLC supports two products: +1Copybook and +1DataElements.

We also provide consulting, programming, and administration services for databases (Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL); COBOL copybook data conversion service using our +1Copybook and +1DataElements products (Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, and DB2); programming in various languages, such as PHP and PayPal, Street View, Google Maps integrations; and Unix Administration on Solaris and Linux-based systems in all areas which includes areas such as DNS, sendmail, and DKIM Signatures.

We are the developers of OpenHouseOn.com, a national real estate site supporting advanced patent-pending video technology. Let us develop your corporate web site today.

Our main product +1Copybook converts COBOL copybooks into:

Oracle  CREATE TABLE scripts and SQL*Loader Control Files
Teradata  CREATE TABLE scripts
SQL Server  CREATE TABLE scripts and Format Files
DB2  CREATE TABLE scripts and DB2 load scripts

+1Copybook supports all OCCURS statements, REDEFINES, COMP-3 (standard and non-standard), implied decimal points, signed data, and other COBOL copybook conversions.  +1Copybook generates extensive HTML output for project use, supports data type overrides, and can help debug loading issues. After running one simple command, you'll be ready to load data. Our products are GUARANTEED to load data defined by COBOL copybooks faster and use less disk space when compared with any competing product.

+1DataElements generates HTML-based Data Element Dictionaries (DEDs) for Oracle, SQL Server, and Teradata databases. +1DataElements can document existing tables, indexes, and views.  Advance features include identifying column names and distinct values which are not documented.  Unlike DEDs stored in Word or Excel which require updates, +1DataElements DEDs can automatically be updated on a daily basis. Over 85% of data element dictionaries are out of date and incomplete.

Databases we support: 


Our Guarantee:
+1 Software Engineeering will allow your company to use +1Copybook for a one year period at no cost if you can provide one example where a competitor's product can load data faster or use less disk space when loading data defined by a COBOL copybook into an Oracle, SQL Server, or Teradata database.

+1 Software Engineering will allow your company to use +1DataElements for a one year period at no cost if you can identify a competitor's product which provides the same capabilities as our product.

+1 Software Engineering must be able to verify the results and can solely determine whether or not to provide a free license for our products.


One step ahead of the competition!TM

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